Rival Brands Take a Jab at Stanley Tumblers' Lead Content

Rival Brands Take a Jab at Stanley Tumblers' Lead Content

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 30, 2024

In the past week, several TikTok videos have gone viral, revealing that the popular Stanley Tumbler contains traces of lead. 

Now, the brand's competitors are taking a jab at the company, touting their own products for being lead-free.

Owala, a brand popular for its FreeSip watter bottle, took to Instagram to make a subtle dig at Stanley. In its post, the brand claimed Owala Bottles have always been, and always will be lead-free.

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In an Instagram post, Klean Kanteen also took a shot at Stanley tumblers by claiming that its bottles are "BPA- and lead-free."

Meanwhile, Clearly Filtered more subtly addressed the issue in a Reel by highlighting the many benefits of switching from plastic bottled water to its own product

"Clearly Filtered Water Bottles remove up to 99.99% of 220+ contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead, & more, without targeting beneficial minerals," it captioned.

Stanley Goes Viral Over Lead Scare

TikTok users have brought to light the presence of lead in Stanley cups, particularly within its sealing at the tumbler's base.

User Murder Honey (@murderhoney) made a video exposing the brand for the health concern its products pose to consumers, even claiming that they "might be entitled to compensation."


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Amidst the social media noise, Stanley posted on its website explaining the lead content in its tumblers.

“Our manufacturing process currently employs the use of an industry standard pellet to seal the vacuum insulation at the base of our products; the sealing material includes some lead. Once sealed, this area is covered with a durable stainless steel layer, making it inaccessible to consumers,” Stanley stated on its website.

"Rest assured that no lead is present on the surface of any Stanley product that comes into contact with the consumer nor the contents of the product," the brand added.

Despite this, Stanley continued to receive backlash on TikTok, with many throwing away their own tumblers and calling it an "ick."

The recent news comes in contrast to the brand's last viral moment on TikTok, where it was praised by consumers for withstanding a car fire. 
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