Spotify is Now Back After Outage

Spotify is Now Back After Outage

News by Marge Serrano
Published: January 16, 2023

Audio streaming platform Spotify suffered a brief outage on Friday, leaving tens of thousands of users unable to access the platform before services appeared to come back online. 

The outage has garnered over 30,000 reports on, starting just before 8 PM ET and rising sharply since then. A status page company’s web API indicates a “minor” partial outage affecting only the player itself, which is consistent with what we’re seeingbut that’s also the most important part of Spotify. 

As Spotify returned online, Downdetector said reports of outages had fallen below 2,000. 

If you can’t still stream your music, you may have to pass the aux cord to someone who doesn’t have a Spotify subscription. These users will be easy to identify as they’re the only ones who didn’t post a Spotify Wrapped image on social media a few weeks ago or do something as archaic as relying on downloaded MP3s or some physical media. 

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