Specsavers' New Ad Is Filled With Adrenaline

Specsavers' New Ad Is Filled With Adrenaline

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 02, 2024

Global optical chain Specsavers just dropped a new spot that captures airport anxiety to a tee. 

In "Should've Gone to Specsavers," viewers are introduced to the couple Greg and Bella as they arrive at the airport. 

While Bella manages to breeze through immigration, her partner goes through a series of unfortunate events that make the viewers question whether he can make it to his flight on time.

As he passes through the entrance, Greg commits multiple errors, not knowing how to face his card on the scanner. In the end, the emergency siren rings, which lets the stressed out traveler through the barriers.

Source: Specsavers

Greg then removes his shoes ahead of security check. However, he forgets to empty his water bottle, which leads him to fight with the security personnel.

After going through more unlucky situations, he finally runs up the stairs that's supposed to lead to the door of the plane, only to find out it has already left.

Bella, looking outside her window, sees Greg defeated on top of the disconnected airstairs.

"Should've gone to Specsavers," the screen writes as the commercial ends.

Akin to the humor of Specsaver commercials, "Should've Gone to Specsavers" is the brand's latest addition to its ongoing "Should've" campaign, emphasizing the importance of proper vision. 

Declan Lowney, the ad's director, says the brand managed to achieve the rare achievement of creating its own unique humor. 

"Its work has a comedy voice of its own, so my role was to get the best out of the script and maximize the laughs. And telling a story purely with images – along with humor and wit – was right up my runway," he explained.

Source: Specsavers

Meanwhile, Specsavers Creative Director Richard James explained that the brand wanted to up the jeopardy, scale and gags with the one-minute spot.

“It’s a fun spot that we’re sure will resonate with all sorts of people. Declan and the team worked really hard together to bring the script to life so successfully," James added.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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