Sorbent Is the Unsung Hero ‘Behind Every Great Australian’

Sorbent Is the Unsung Hero ‘Behind Every Great Australian’

Published: January 24, 2024

Household name Sorbent is making its grand comeback to advertising after several years of hiatus by relaunching its tissue products as the unsung hero “Behind Every Australian.”

The iconic tissue brand, known for its soft yet sturdy sheets, recently launched the "Behind Every Australian" campaign, to remind people of Sorbent's unwavering presence in their everyday lives.

The cheeky commercial, developed by Melbourne-based creative agency Akkomplice, shows a man dressed in a blue suit as he earnestly talks about who is truly behind everything a great Australian does.

“No matter where we’re from or what we do, behind every great Australian, behind me, behind you, is the all-important Sorbent when we’re on the loo,” the man said as he sat on the toilet.

The full one-minute ad then shows a diverse range of Australians relying on Sorbent in various scenarios, from tackling messy jobs to offering comfort during life's emotional moments.

The ad showcases these events in a classy way, maintaining the almost reverent tone of the narrator, complete with orchestra music playing in the background.

However, what is being said is a cleverly made poem that not only has the power to resonate with viewers with its rhymes but also make them laugh.

Behind every bride’s ‘I do’
Is a little nervous no. 2
Behind every hardworking job site
Are harder-working rolls of Silky White

The ad then ends with the lines, “When all’s said and job’s done, all we really want is a clean, fresh bum. Sorbent, behind every great Australian.”

Sorbent’s Need for Rebranding

In September 2023, Sorbent undertook an identity overhaul because research found that its brand as a whole lacked impact and meaning, and its packaging was outdated.

Collaborating with the Edison Agency refreshed Sorbent’s look and created a more modern packaging design that will resonate better with consumers.

“Representing the egalitarian nature of the bathroom and the activities that occur in there was the foundation to a new tone of voice that was distinctly ‘Australian’ and distinctly Sorbent. One that was inclusive, endearing and relatable,” the Edison Agency stated during the launch of the new design last year.

Source: Sorbent

The "Behind Every Great Australian" campaign’s focus on everyday moments reflects this shift in strategy initiated by the Edison Agency.

Instead of solely highlighting the practical aspects of its product, the brand is now emphasizing its emotional connection with Australians.

“When you're creating something big for such a beloved brand with a heritage of popular campaigns, you really must pull out all the stops,” stated Kenny Hill, founder and creative director of Akkomplice.

“Whilst we wanted to make a famous and funny ad for Sorbent, we knew we had to keep the comedy classy, and not just tell some easy poo gags,” explained Glenn Dalton, executive creative director and copywriter for the ad.

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