Snapchat+ Hits 4 Million Subscribers After One Year, Unveils New Features

Snapchat+ Hits 4 Million Subscribers After One Year, Unveils New Features

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: June 30, 2023

Social platform Snapchat is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its premium subscription service ‘Snapchat+’ with over four million subscribers and a handful of new features. 

Soon, users can enjoy Expressive Chat Messages, which allows them to share big reactions and small notes with other users. With this feature, users can also increase or decrease the font size of their messages.  

The social media platform is also rolling out a new Custom Chat Colors feature that lets users change thei color of their chat boxes with friends and pick between a variety of color palettes. 

The two new features will be coming out in the following weeks.  

“Snapchat+ subscribers love the frequent feature drops that enhance communication with their closest friends, favorite creators, and allow them to customize the look and feel of their app,” the company shared in a blog post.  

Snapchat+ was introduced a year ago, allowing users to access exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features from the platform.  

Since its rollout, the subscription-based service has offered users services like custom app themes, special app icons, and Snapchat for Web.  

Last March, it also rolled out "My AI," its own AI chatbot supported by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.  

Formerly exclusive to Snapchat+, the now free AI-powered tool can recommend birthday gift ideas, plan trips, and write haikus based on simple prompts.

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