Smartwater Elevates Branding With Fitness and Lifestyle Ads

Smartwater Elevates Branding With Fitness and Lifestyle Ads

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: March 24, 2023

Smartwater is elevating its branding with a new two-part advertising campaign promoting Smartwater Alkaline with Antioxidant

By attempting to break into the continuously growing alkaline product market, the Coca-Cola owned brand is broadening its portfolio.

Featuring two 30-second ads, the company hired creative agency VMLY&R to create a marketing campaign that promotes two key aspects of Smartwater branding – fitness and lifestyle. 

The slogan “Elevate how you hydrate” ties into the new products 9.5 pH level and the addition of selenium, which boosts hydration beyond the effects of regular water.  

The first spot, which goes by the same title, is action-packed and excited, featuring BMX biker Nigel Sylvester, track athlete Bianca Williams and celebrity Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint. While racing through the busy city, the star athletes hand each other a bottle of Smartwater Alkaline with Antioxidant, quite literally “elevating how they hydrate.” 

The second spot titled “Same Kid” takes a different approach, focusing primarily on lifestyle and celebrity. Featuring none other than SNL comedian Pete Davidson, the spot begins with him speaking to the camera: “I’m still the same old kid from Staten Island, just a little more elevated.”  

The commercial then goes on to show how Davidson maintains his Staten Island roots with more elevated style, all with the help of Smartwater Alkaline with Antioxidant. 

“With our consumers, once you get going — whether that’s through work, sport or hanging out with your friends, you’re always in motion, and that’s the energy that [the VMLY&R team] really captured,” said Luke Perkins, group director for creative strategy at The Coca-Cola Company. 

By combining two different approaches in the advertising campaign, Smartwater is broadening their horizons as a brand, offering various target groups multiple aspects of the products that they can relate with. 

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