Škoda Launches 'The Christmas Conversion Choir' Ad

Škoda Launches 'The Christmas Conversion Choir' Ad

News by Nikola Djuric
Published: December 25, 2023

Škoda, in collaboration with Nord DDB, has just launched a festive 2-minute ad titled "The Christmas Conversion Choir" that combines holiday spirit with an invitation to reconsider one’s choice of car brand.

Set to the tune of a classic Christmas carol, the ad features a children's choir singing persuasively about the merits of owning a Škoda Enyaq. The lyrics playfully suggest that while other car brands are fine, Enyaq offers something special with its cool design and impressive features.

The choir highlights various attributes of Škoda cars, including their availability in various colors that appeal to a broad audience.

The ad cleverly integrates a call to action, encouraging viewers to take a test drive and promising it will be worth their time.

In a humorous twist, the choir assures that if the viewer does not switch to Škoda, they will be back next year, continuing their mission of conversion.

The ad closes with an invitation to visit a dealership, emphasizing accessibility and customer service.

Škoda's latest marketing campaign definitely represents a creative advertising approach, blending holiday cheer with a clear brand message.

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