Serviceplan Embraces Web3 by Launching a New Studio

Serviceplan Embraces Web3 by Launching a New Studio

Published: October 20, 2022

Serviceplan, the largest independent digital agency group in Europe, has just launched Serviceplan DCNTRL (read as “decentral”), a studio dedicated to elevating brand experiences in the metaverse and all of web3.

Nina Matzat and Yves Bollinger will take charge as General Managers for DCNTRL. Matzat is a former Google manager, while Bollinger used to be the Head of Digital Strategy and Innovation at DDB Düsseldorf.

Serviceplan DCNTRL will act as a new integrative hub, bringing in the expertise of both national and international team members.

That includes brilliant minds from Saint Elmo’s Experiential, Mediaplus and Plan.Net.

“With Serviceplan DCNTRL, we combine a clear strategy, which has innovative business models in mind, with the possibility of implementing projects in Web3 completely ourselves,” said Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group. “Together with the tight integration within the Serviceplan Group, our offer provides the highest possible level of expertise and efficiency for our clients.”

Stefanie Kuhnhen and Till Diestel, Serviceplan Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Creative Officer, respectively, will be Serviceplan’s connection to the new DCNTRL wing.

“What does it mean for one’s own business model when people spend the majority of their time on the internet? Every CEO and CMO need to ask themselves this question.”

“And we help them to find individual answers to the many questions that are currently still evolving, to rethink their own brand ecosystem from a new perspective, to try out pilots or to further develop their own operating models. In this way, we are truly a long-term partner for the future business of our clients,” Kuhnen stated.

“With the full-service set-up of a fully-fledged studio, Serviceplan DCNTRL enables us to develop our own business models and virtual products for the Serviceplan Group. This is an incredible asset and offers a tremendous potential for our creative work,” Diestel added.

Katsche Platz is the Creative Director of DCNTRL, and he will oversee all creative tasks at the new studio.

DCNTRL should bring the massive potential of decentralized blockchain and web3 to life for clients from all walks of life.

With a deep understanding of different cultures and communities, the new DCNTRL team will handle a broad range of activities for the brands. From training and brand strategy to execution and legal advice, DCNTRL will take care of everything for its clients.

Web3 is an exciting opportunity for everyone, but it does require expert leadership and that is what DCNTRL aims to provide.

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