Segmentation is Key to Driving Engagement, Expert Says

Segmentation is Key to Driving Engagement, Expert Says

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 27, 2023

While the pandemic has sped up the global shift to digital, Nick Dimitrou, Moosend’s Head of Growth believes creating segments based on specific user behaviors is an effective way to garner e-mail engagements and conversions.  

“Sending email blasts is an outdated tactic that no longer drives results,” he added. 

In an exclusive interview with Spotlight, Dimitrou recommended effective segmentation strategies for eCommerce businesses to adopt, such as finding monthly customers who keep purchasing a product and adding them to a VIP segment to provide exclusive offers.  

When businesses are new to segmentation, Dimitrou also recommends starting with newsletter signup forms.  

By adding different form fields, like location, gender, interests, etc., you can collect valuable information about your new subscribers and then segment them based on it. For instance, if you add a female/male option, you can group your customers based on their gender and then create and send two different campaigns to them with relevant offers and products,” he explained.  

According to research, 55% of customers like receiving emails with relevant offers. Dimitrou believes an organic and effective way companies can incorporate personalization is to leverage product recommendation engines.    

“Since we are in the era of personalization, businesses need to show customers exactly what they need,” Dimitrou shared. 

“[When] businesses have access to such information, they can use marketing automation to set up sequences triggered by specific actions, such as sending a campaign during a customer’s birthday,” he recommended.  

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