Samsung’s New Ad Spotlights Smallest Tech Heroes

Samsung’s New Ad Spotlights Smallest Tech Heroes

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 17, 2023

Samsung has teamed up with the Biodiversity Management Bureau (MBM) and Cheil Worldwide to give the spotlight to an often overlooked aspect of technological advancement — semiconductors.

These components, essential for our gadgets, take center stage in Samsung's newest short film "Micro Miracles." 

The one-minute video highlights the importance of the technology while featuring specially designed miniature sculptures.

"The humble silicon chip technology, nanoscopic in scale. However, the impact it has on our lives is anything but," the narrator explains to open the video. 

"Micro Miracles" was made to give awareness to the different case uses of semiconductors in our daily lives through the different sculptures.

These include people driving, taking selfies on their phones and satellites operating — daily activities that all require the overlooked technology.

Samsung Had To Create Miniature Sculptures

Developing these miniature marvels posed a substantial challenge for the team behind the short movie.

These sculptures had to be smaller than a grain of sand, prompting the exploration of 3D nanoprinting and the expertise of Stefan Diller, a key player in the world of micro-imaging.

The team employed scans of actors engaged in various activities. Then, they transformed these scans into intricate 3D models, before printing them with precision using a controlled laser.

The result is a collection of exceptionally small models requiring electron microscopy for observation.

Utilizing a scanning electron microscope, a cutting-edge technology using beams of electrons instead of light, every microscopic detail of the models was captured. 

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