Samsung's Biometric Card IC: Your Fingerprint is Your New Payment Method

Samsung's Biometric Card IC: Your Fingerprint is Your New Payment Method

News by Joanna NodadoJoanna Nodado
Published: June 03, 2023

Samsung has unveiled its Biometric Card IC, a payment solution that promises to "make everyday transactions safer and more convenient" with just a single tap.

New to its kind, this innovative technology was recently awarded the prestigious CES 2023 Best of Innovation Award for Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy, which offers an entirely new payment experience.

Source: Samsung

The Biometric Card IC replaces traditional PINs and signatures with fingerprint authentication, providing a secure and convenient way to authenticate transactions at the point of sale.

By securely storing up to three fingerprint templates on the card itself, users can make payments effortlessly, without the need to enter a PIN. The biometric data remains protected within the card, eliminating the risk of unauthorized access or fraudulent modification.

Beyond convenience and security, Samsung's Biometric Card IC also addresses the issue of financial exclusion.

People with learning disabilities, literacy issues, or visual impairments often struggle with traditional payment methods. The biometric card offers a simple, accessible, and secure alternative, enhancing financial inclusion for millions of individuals worldwide.

Samsung's single-chip solution combines various proprietary technologies, including a fingerprint sensor, secure processor, secure element, and proprietary software, into an all-in-one security chip solution.

Source: Samsung

This integration reduces production costs without compromising functionality, making it easier for banks and organizations to create and distribute biometric payment cards.

With its potential to disrupt the industry standard and open up new market growth opportunities, Samsung's Biometric Card IC is set to redefine the payment experience.

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By presenting a completely new way to pay, Samsung is positioning itself as a first mover in the next-generation payment IC market, contributing to the expansion of the biometric card market.

As consumers embrace biometric identity verification, this innovative solution sets the stage for a transformative shift in the way we make transactions.

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