Samsung Calls on Apple Users to Leave the Walled Garden

Samsung Calls on Apple Users to Leave the Walled Garden

Published: November 14, 2022

Samsung has recently released its “On the Fence” ad where it showcased its cutting-edge Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphone while seemingly poking fun at Apple’s “walled off” user base.

The ad, while not calling out the Apple fanbase by name, suggests that Samsung is directing the message of the 30-second spot at iPhone — its biggest rival.

These mobile users are the ones typically referred to as the residents of the walled garden, living their lives in Apple’s secluded environment, separate from all the users of various Android devices.

“On the Fence” opens with a supposed Apple user climbing the wall of the garden where he’s purportedly been dwelling for an untold amount of time. Looking out of the gated community, assumed to be Apple’s user base, he gazes upon the futuristic landscape of Samsung devices.

“Hey, what are you doing up there? You can’t sit on the fence,” said another mobile user, a potential employee within the walled garden. That’s a very (un)subtle hint at the line that separates iOS and Android worlds.

“But on the Samsung side, they have folding phones and an epic camera,” responded the daring fan. Interestingly enough, it seems like Samsung is refusing to paint all Apple users with the same brush, pointing at some who are still curious and open-minded enough to explore potentially better options.

“You don’t want to leave. We’re waiting for all of that to come over here.”

While Apple has been at the forefront of tech developments in the past, it hasn’t always kept up to pace with all of the advances of its many competitors. It is, to an extent, understandable, only this time, one of Apple’s direct competitors has used this to its advantage and “fired shots” at the company with possibly the highest brand recognition in the world.

Samsung has been advertising its latest device full-throttle, praising its folding capability for ease of taking selfies and handling. Whether Apple introduces folding phones or not depends on the demand for such a feature.

Samsung’s ad makes a fine point about unnecessary divisions between users of different devices and the importance of better, shared futures.

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