Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort and AutoDesk Create ‘Otto Desć’ in New Oscars Ad

Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort and AutoDesk Create ‘Otto Desć’ in New Oscars Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 13, 2023

Ryan Reynold’s ad agency Maximum Effort created an Oscar ad honoring the legacy of Hollywood legend Otto Desćinski – except he isn’t real.  

The two-minute mockumentary-style commercial stars Elizabeth Banks, Ron Perlman and other Hollywood industry giants as they praise the made-up character. 

“I wouldn’t be the filmmaker I am today without Autodesk,” said Banks in the commercial.  

“What’s your favorite movie? I bet Otto worked on it,” added renowned Visual Effects Supervisor Paul Lambert.  

After the a-list film experts take turns honoring him, it is revealed that Otto Desc is a direct reference to Autodesk - the software firm responsible for the tech behind most Hollywood films and TV shows.  

“I think there's been a misunderstanding. I use Autodesk software to make movies look amazing. There is no guy named Otto Desć,” shared Courtney, a woman who appeared in stage to break the news.  

‘Hollywood Legend Otto Desć’ was produced by Reynold’s Maximum Effort alongside Jimmy Kimmel’s production company, Kimmelot. In coming up with the concept, the actor explained in a press release his advertising agency’s love for “playing with the cultural landscape,” referring to the Oscars.  

Autodesk has been a secret weapon for Hollywood’s artists for decades, and what better way to highlight that than to create a fake man of vaguely Germanic descent to receive an award that doesn’t exist?” he added. 

Autodesk CMO Dara Treseder shared that the software company is thrilled to celebrate its design and technology at the Oscars through the video ad. “And with this campaign, we’re re-introducing our inspiring company tagline — two words that effectively say it all: Make Anything,” she added.  

Treseder also expressed gratitude for Reynold’s and his team for bringing Otto Desć to life in honor of the real-life software company. “I’m grateful to have worked with our agency partner, Ryan Reynold’s Maximum Effort, to tell the incredible story of Autodesk’s impact — both on the big screen, and in the world.” 

Maximum Effort’s most recent campaigns can be greatly attributed to Reynolds’ sense of humor and a-list connections. Recently, the advertising agency and Kimmelot worked on several ads for Autodesk, Deoitte, DoorDash, MNTN and Ring, and resurrected well-loved characters from the zombie series The Walking Dead. 

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