Ryan Reynolds & Jack Box Team Up for Unexpected Co-Branding Ad

Ryan Reynolds & Jack Box Team Up for Unexpected Co-Branding Ad

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: February 28, 2023

Ryan Reynolds and Jack Box team up in an advertisement that may be the collaboration no one saw coming promoting the actor’s mobile network operating company Mint Mobile and a limited-edition milkshake at Jack in the Box.  

The unique partnership is realized through a trio of minimalistic spots featuring Reynolds and the Jack in the Box mascot against a pastel green backdrop. As they trade comical back-and-forths, the actor explains that he is subletting Mint Mobile ad space to Jack to ensure the mobile network company’s costs remain competitively low.  

Meanwhile, Jack presents a limited-time-only Oreo-infused Mint Mobile shake currently available at Jack in the Box. 

Full-service Agency Maximum is behind the creative co-branding campaign.

By matching Mint Mobile and Jack in the Box featuring its two biggest stars, the agency ensured a shared ad space and what will surely result in a viral and comical character mashup. 

Jack Box and Ryan Reynolds are familiar with the co-branding marketing strategyhaving previously collaborated with other A-list celebrities and big brands. 

Just last year, Jack Box teamed up with Star Wars’ Mark Hammill in a spot featuring the legendary actor working at a Jack in the Box drive-thru.  

On the other hand, many of Ryan Reynoldsbusiness ventureshave been promoted in collaboration with big brands, such as the spot he starred in for Samsung to promote his gin Aviation American 

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