R/GA and Quest Diagnostics Encourage You to Put Your Health to the Test

R/GA and Quest Diagnostics Encourage You to Put Your Health to the Test
Published: October 19, 2022

"Know your health better with 50+ tests from Quest!"

That is the official brand message of Quest Diagnostics, the leader in diagnostic testing.

In partnership with its lead creative agency R/GA, Quest launched a nationwide campaign inviting people to “Put Your ___ To the Test.”

Fill in the blank.

With Quest diagnostic tests, individuals can check for allergies, STDs and look into their overall wellness without a doctor’s appointment. While these three categories comprise the core of Quest’s offering, it’s also possible to purchase a full array of lab work online.

R/GA put together a 30-second campaign video that highlights different types of tests customers can take from the comfort of their own homes.

The ad itself is quite bold and provocative, relying on highly specific imagery to convey just how diverse consumer-initiated tests can be.

From people and children having allergic reactions, to suggestive and subtle sexual imagery, the ad gives more than a couple of reasons to get tested.

“For fifty-five years, Quest Diagnostics has provided high-end quality tests, with results backed by science, for healthcare practitioners,” said Richard Adams, Vice President and General Manager, CIT Franchise & Marketing at Quest.

“Our vision is to empower consumers by allowing them to shop for the same quality tests hospitals use, available online anytime. The online purchase includes physician oversight behind the scenes to order tests, evaluate results once available and, in some cases, provide consultation.”

The "Put Your ____ To the Test" campaign aims to educate consumers on the benefits of at-home tests, in the hopes that people will use that knowledge to better their health.

Ideally, diagnostic tests such as these will help consumers overcome their fear of health check-ups and doctor’s appointments, and set them on a path of general wellness.

“Consumers' desire to quantify their own health has never been greater – especially on the heels of a global pandemic. You'll know your health better when you put yourself to the test with Quest, which can be as easy as shopping online at questhealth.com” explained Quest’s Executive Director of Consumer Marketing Ryan Anderson.

“Our campaign breaks healthcare convention on purpose because Quest is not only the leader in diagnostic information services but also an emerging lifestyle brand.”

The digital ad will run nationwide through 2023 and include out-of-home advertising and TV.

In addition to R/GA, Quest cooperated with Redscout on defining its brand identity and messaging.

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