Rethink and McCain Foods Stop Uncomfortable Conversations with DistractiFRY

Rethink and McCain Foods Stop Uncomfortable Conversations with DistractiFRY
Published: December 05, 2022

The independent creative agencyRethink and McCain Foods Canada showcased the brand’s latest fries-related product called DistractiFRY. Just as its name suggests, DistractiFRY distracts people with delicious McCain fries just as they’re about to engage in less-than-desirable conversations.

Family gatherings have a reputation for being a vector of unsolicited comments regarding politics, career choices, partner choices, religion and anything else in between. Sometimes well-meaning, at other times downright spiteful, opinions and suggestions that one can hear at gatherings such as these are often unwanted.

McCain Foods Canada sees conversations and questions such as these for what they truly are — distractors from delicious food scattered around the table. Aside from taking people’s minds off the world’s finest French fries, dinner table conversations can also cause a lot of distress and escalate the whole situation.

To that end, Rethink and McCain Foods have created DistractiFRY, a voice-activated device that listens in on specific keywords that might come up during a typical family gathering. When triggered, it releases hot and crispy McCain fries to distract everyone from a potentially disastrous conversation and direct their attention to the delicious food.

Climate change, vaccines, politics, inflation... Heated conversations turn to mouth-watering goodness when DistractiFRY goes off.

“Despite best intentions, awkward moments can arise during family gatherings,” says Matt Kohler, managing director at McCain. “Our goal is to bring people together, and the DistractiFRY is a fun, relatable way to connect with your loved ones.”

Here’s hoping McCain Foods releases a similar item that one can have on the go.

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