OpenAI Board Warned of an AGI Breakthrough, Report Says

OpenAI Board Warned of an AGI Breakthrough, Report Says

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: November 23, 2023

Before OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was ousted late last week by the company's previous board members, insiders revealed that a group of staff researchers had alerted the board about a groundbreaking AI discovery with potential risks to humanity

The undisclosed letter and the unveiling of a new AI algorithm dubbed Q* played a crucial role in Altman's removal, prompting over 700 employees to consider resigning in support of the ousted CEO.

Staff concerns were fueled by worries about Altman commercializing AI advances without understanding their possible consequences.

What is Q*?

Q* is seen by some as a potential breakthrough in achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI), surpassing human capabilities. Q*, or Q-Star, showed promise in solving certain math problems, seen as a beacon of light in AI advancement by some researchers.

Unlike current generative AI models excelling in language tasks, Q* demonstrated potential in mathematical reasoning, a crucial aspect resembling human intelligence, with possible applications in scientific research.

The letter to the board revealed by Reuters highlighted both the capabilities and dangers of AI, without specifying exact safety concerns. Researchers emphasized caution in advancing AI technologies, given the discussions about risks tied to highly intelligent machines.

Confirming the existence of an "AI scientist" team, merging the efforts of "Code Gen" and "Math Gen" teams, focused on optimizing existing AI models for better reasoning and scientific tasks.

From Speculation to Reality

The fact that Microsoft plans a whopping $50 billion investment in data centers during 2024 to propel research and development of AI means this is a strategic step toward a more significant goal.

As previously reported by DesignRush, our industry sources argue that the upheaval and multiple management changes within OpenAI, coupled with Microsoft's substantial investment, signals a potential breakthrough in AGI.

The most recent developments prove these assumptions to be correct.

Altman, known for driving ChatGPT's rapid growth and securing key investments from Microsoft, may have hinted at major AI advances before his swift termination.

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