Regina Hall is a Hype Woman in New Lean Cuisine Ads

Regina Hall is a Hype Woman in New Lean Cuisine Ads
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: March 19, 2024

Lean Cuisine has joined forces with American actress and producer Regina Hall for a series of advertisements that take grocery-goers by surprise when they fancy something from the frozen food aisle.

Each ad plays out like a comedy sketch, showcasing women browsing the frozen section before they are pleasantly surprised by the "Scary Movie" actress's easily recognizable voice emanating from the freezer as they grab a Lean Cuisine meal. 

However, instead of scaring them, Hall acts as a hype woman, providing them with a motivational boost as they make their selection.

In "Flavorful Not Calorie full," Hall surprises a woman and compliments her selection.

"I see you, mama, grabbing a yummy Lean Cuisine! You have good taste. Saucy five-cheese rigatoni? That's 365 calories," the actress remarks. 

The other ads follow the same premise, highlighting Lean Cuisine's portion-controlled meals as the optimal choice for individuals seeking flavorful options without compromising calorie intake.

The "You Have Good Taste" campaign aims to empower women to enjoy delicious meals without feeling guilty about their choices.

A New Brand Tone

The short but sweet ads, made together with creative agency VML New York, are set to be featured on television and across Lean Cuisine's social media and digital platforms.

The campaign, the brand's first in four years, marks a shift in tone from its previous marketing efforts.

Instead of emotional storytelling, the Nestlé-owned brand has opted for a light and comedic approach to its messaging.

Rosie Bardales, chief creative officer at VML New York, explained the idea behind the campaign:

"Eating right can be hard and losing weight is a struggle and this campaign reframes that thinking."

"Lean Cuisine is on unabashedly positive voice through [Regina’s], and we hope that our consumers will think of her words when they head down the freezer aisle to a Lean Cuisine," she added.

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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