Reese's Fans Celebrate the Caramel Cup in New Super Bowl Ad

Reese's Fans Celebrate the Caramel Cup in New Super Bowl Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 06, 2024

Hershey Company's Reese's has finally unveiled its full-length Super Bowl spot featuring its highly anticipated Caramel Big Cup, and it's a mixed bag of emotions. 

In the 30-second spot titled "Yes!" a narrator declares a big change coming to everyone's beloved peanut butter cups.

This causes a group of neighborhood friends watching the Big Game in a living room to scream "No!" in unison. They begin flipping tables, spitting water and banging their heads on the wall.

However, the narrator goes on to say that the beloved chocolate snack will receive an upgrade by having a new layer of caramel.

This makes the group rejoice with a resounding "Yes," cleaning the table they earlier turned over and repairing the crack on the walls over the good news. 

Source: Reese's

The narrator then dials back, saying, "But we're only making a few of them."

The crowd once again goes into a panic, breaking bowls, jumping out the window and splitting the table in half.

"A few million," the narrator continues. Right before the bunch celebrates again, one man asks the narrator if the original Reese will still be around. 

"Yes," he responds, leading the group to have their final hurrah as the spot ends.

The short ad, which marks the brand's first Super Bowl entry since 2020, was produced by Erich & Kallman and narrated by Will Arnett, a fan of the peanut butter cups.

Ryan Riess, vice president of creative & brand strategy at the Hershey Company, explains the idea behind the commercial. 

"Reese's Caramel Big Cups are the biggest thing to hit the candy aisle since chocolate and peanut butter, so the launch deserved nothing less than a spot during the biggest moment in sports and snacking," he said in a press release

"We're returning to the Big Game this year to show the world exactly how passionate our fans are for Reese's."

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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