Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Reach TikTok Virality

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Reach TikTok Virality

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: December 19, 2023

While Google Glass may have driven away the potential audience for the technology, a smart glasses renaissance may be on its way — and it's all because of TikTok.

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses introduced in September have recently found a boom in virality through TikTok, garnering over several hundred million views and impressions on the social media platform. 

User Jules Terpak took to X to share the ongoing phenomenon, citing several videos with the trend that have garnered widespread attention.

"It's unclear if it organically happened amongst those with large followings after one person's video went crazy, or if there's an undisclosed influencer campaign going on. Regardless, definitely causing a shift in perception,” she wrote.

What Is the Ray-Ban Trend?

The trend is characterized by a user wearing the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, using the accessory to record the TikTok, and dancing and lip-syncing to the beat of 3D by Korean pop sensation Jungkook.

According to meme archiver Know Your Meme, the trend started over a month ago when TikTok user @kakeguson posted a video of herself recorded using the frames. The video has since garnered 10.5 million likes and over 815,000 favorites.

@kakeguson wanna see it in motion in 3d (ray ban x meta glasses slay) #rayban#meta♬ som original - W&K

TikTok users have praised the glasses for their camera quality, with some deeming it superior to their own smartphones.

Since then, thousands of users have hopped on the trend, driving significant attention to the technical capabilities of Ray-Ban and Meta’s latest innovation.


This is so sick

♬ som original - W&K

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