Rakuten Advertising Launches Game Changing Affiliate Marketing Tech

Rakuten Advertising Launches Game Changing Affiliate Marketing Tech

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 05, 2023

Rakuten Advertising has unveiled the launch of Audience Engine, a ground-breaking privacy-conscious and personalized technology inspired by traditional affiliate marketing. 

By combining the strengths of publishers and marketers, Audience Engine will compensate publishers based on their use of first-party data to discover the purchasing power of their most valuable audience segmentations and in turn, offer advertisers new personalization features.  

The result would be custom campaigns with peak performance results and a fair incentive for publishers. 

“Audience Engine turns the traditional affiliate commission structure on its head by prioritizing audience value over clicks,” said Nick Stamos, the CEO of Rakuten Advertising.  

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With third-party cookies losing their position in online advertising, Audience Engine is an innovative addition to the possibilities of first-party data advertising. Additionally, customers will be able to incorporate their existing CRM data to the software.  

“Now, publishers can put a price tag on the strength of their audience and set unique commission rates on the segments most likely to be valuable to a specific advertiser,” added Stamos. 

The new technology’s launch partners include DealMoon, Slickdeals, and 55Haitao, all three of which have existing deals with Rakuten Advertising. 

“Until now, it wasn’t possible to personalize in this way through the affiliate channel, and the only workaround was to run ad-hoc campaigns that offered little visibility into performance by audience segment. Now brands can deliver tailored, optimized messaging to customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle,” concluded the CEO when announcing the launch of Audience Engine.  

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