Qualcomm To Acquire Chip-Making Company Autotalks

Qualcomm To Acquire Chip-Making Company Autotalks

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: May 09, 2023

Qualcomm is set to acquire the fabless semi-conductor company Autotalks to utilize its specialization in its V2X communication technology and boost road safety.  

Nakul Duggal, senior VP of automotive at Qualcomm Technologies Inc., said that the company has been investing in V2X research, development and deployment since 2017.  

“We share Autotalks’ decades-long experience and commitment to build V2X technologies and products with a focus on solving real-world road user safety challenges. We look forward to working together to deliver global V2X solutions that will help accelerate time-to-market and enable mass market adoption of this very important safety technology,” he added.  

In a press release, the company said that it plans to use Autotalks’ “production-ready, dual mode, standalone safety solutions” in its Snapdragon Digital Chassis, or its set of cloud-connected automotive platforms.  

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The multinational semiconductor company is expecting its automotive sector to be one of its biggest sources of revenue in the years to come. Late last year, it said its business “pipeline” jumped to $30 billion – making a $10 billion jump since it reported its third quarter results. 

Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks, said he looks forward to working with Qualcomm in serving the auto industry and “bringing the best technologies to market.”  

“It has been our mission to revolutionize safety for the transportation and automotive industry through our V2X solutions,” said Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks.   

“We are confident that by combining our knowledge and expertise, we will not only deliver strong V2X products that will enhance transportation efficiency and safety for road users but will accelerate widespread adoption of V2X,” he shared. 

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