Quaker Unveils ‘You've Got This’ Global Campaign

Quaker Unveils ‘You've Got This’ Global Campaign
Published: February 21, 2024

Quaker announced on Tuesday it has launched its first-ever global platform, "You've Got This," shifting its focus beyond breakfast bowls to celebrate the quiet triumphs of ordinary people.

The heartwarming branding campaign, in collaboration with Uncommon Creative Studio, transcends borders and cultures, featuring a short film directed by BAFTA Award-winner Charlotte Wells.

The long-form ad tells a story of a father-son bond, weaving beautiful moments of encouragement and support with bowls of Quaker oats.

It ends with the suggestion that the father has died.

And while still missing his dad, the son is comforted as he is offered a bowl of Quaker Oats by his own boy, the tradition keeping memories alive.

"Familial bonds, the joy and ache of time passing, of growing up and growing old — these are themes that are constantly on my mind, and which were front and center in this script," Wells said in a press release.

To ensure cultural relevance and resonate with local audiences, the extended commercial is being adapted for each region, considering consumer habits and preferences.

Currently airing on televisions and cinemas across Canada and Latin America, the campaign is expected to expand to additional markets throughout 2024.

“'You've Got This' is also the first-ever fully personalized omnichannel campaign for Quaker including out-of-home, print, and mobile/digital advertising allowing for a highly customized creative experience across all consumer touchpoints,” the PepsiCo brand stated.

Quaker embarks on its first global platform in a branding effort to connect with old and new consumers.
Quaker's "You've Got This" ad (Source: PepsiCo)

By connecting with its consumers’ values and aspirations, Quaker aims to build a more meaningful brand connection that extends beyond the breakfast table.

“The brand has seen growth momentum in the last few years and we want to welcome back those lapsed consumers but also speak to younger families,” said Ciara Dilley, VP of marketing, global foods group at PepsiCo.

“From what we’re hearing from our rollout in Canada, these resonate. They have people saying, ‘Quaker gets us,’” Dilley concluded.

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