PUMA Champions Youth with New ‘Voices of a RE:GENERATION' Sustainability Campaign

PUMA Champions Youth with New ‘Voices of a RE:GENERATION' Sustainability Campaign

News by Roberto OrosaRoberto Orosa
Published: April 11, 2023

Puma officially launched its newest brand campaign to champion the youth as part of its sustainability journey. 

The “Voices of a RE:GENERATION” project will mark the beginning of a year-long initiative of gathering insights and feedback on the ways it communicates sustainability.  

To do this, the sports company will collaborate with four young, environmentalist “voices” as it ensures its sustainability initiatives are digestible for the next generation. 

Among the four young environmentalists are Earthrise Studio co-founder Alice Aedy, US-based upcycle enthusiast Andrew Burgess, Germany-based health and lifestyle vlogger Luke Jaque-Rodney and France-based visual artist Jade Roche.  

Throughout the year, the four will meet with PUMA’s Chief Sourcing Officer Anne-Laure Descours and the company’s Sustainability team to “collaborate and present their honest views.”  

Working together, the partnership will explore actionable ways that feedback can be implemented within PUMA’s business and sustainability strategy, whilst also using the voices’ platforms to communicate PUMA’s efforts transparently and authentically to the world,” the company explained in a press release 

The new campaign will also serve as a continuation of PUMA’s work from the “Conference of the People, powered by PUMA” held last September 2022.  

The conference, which discussed solutions for some of the fashion industry’s most pressing sustainability challenges with a special focus on Gen- Z, highlighted the need for brands to improve transparency and conduct greater communication regarding sustainability,” the company explained. 

Descours said that participation in the Conference of the People made it clear that information shared isn’t always easily understood by the next generation.  

“We recognize the need for change, and we're committed to making sustainability more accessible and transparent to everyone. Voices of a RE:GENERATION is our first step in improving this,” the chief added.  

PUMA’s latest campaign is just one of the ways the brand can push its earth-conscious initiatives and at the same time get a better understanding of their younger market 

While other brands are often accused of “greenwashing,” RE:GENERATION  helps the sports company bridge the gap and engage the next generation by directly involving them in its sustainability efforts. 

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