Publicis Santé Officially Pernod Ricard USA’s Creative Media Partner

Publicis Santé Officially Pernod Ricard USA’s Creative Media Partner

Published: October 31, 2022

Pernod Ricard USA, a leader in the premium spirits and wines industry, announced a partnership with Publicis Santé and named it the brand’s creative media partner.

One of Publicis Groupe’s top creative agencies, it has a long history of cooperating with brands that peddle spirits, wine and RTD cocktails.

With a proven and robust spirits and wines portfolio, Publicis Santé is to lead Pernod Ricard’s omnichannel optimization efforts, accelerate conversion and growth and make the brand’s ambitions a reality.

“We've been impressed with Publicis Santé's ability to enrich our proprietary data and insights and translate them into precision content and context that drives impact for our brands,” said Kristen Colonna, Vice President of Marketing Accelerator, Pernod Ricard USA.

“We're so excited to work with a team who can support our modern marketing machine, and create cutting-edge, cross-functional solutions that both mirror our competencies and bring differentiated analytics, activation and optimization offerings to drive continued growth and positive ROI from media and marketing.”

Pernod Ricard continues developing its internal Marketing Accelerator capability, and the appointment of Publicis Santé is the logical continuation of that journey.

The Marketing Accelerator capability is the brand’s step into media, content, data and technology territory that takes advantage of the company’s predictive insights and analytics.

“We have seen significant success and lift in metrics across the board from contextual targeting and dynamic creative optimization and have been impressed by Publicis Santé's ability to act as a strategic thought leader in this space”, said Jenny Hermanson, Senior Director of OmniMedia.

OmniMedia and Publicis Groupe’s teams will assist Pernod Ricard USA’s internal content agency The Mix by lending their expertise in building purposeful client solutions.

“We're honored Pernod Ricard has trusted us with this partnership,” said Sean Peters, Chief Strategy Officer of Publicis Media. “Pernod Ricard has a truly unique set of assets – powerhouse brands, cutting edge in-house capabilities, a depth of proprietary research, tech, and more. We're thrilled to leverage our Power of One model to deliver even greater outcomes from their marketing investment.”

Pernod Ricard will use this opportunity to learn how to architect its own omnichannel experiences by working with modern marketing organizations such as Publicis Groupe.

The brand already has a wealth of data it can rely on. All it needs is the know-how to disseminate and make use of all the information at its disposal.

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