Posh and Becks Get Everything Wrong in Super Bowl Teaser

Posh and Becks Get Everything Wrong in Super Bowl Teaser

Published: February 02, 2024

Celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham are set to star in Uber Eats' upcoming Super Bowl campaign, and the recently released teaser plays off a viral moment from their Netflix documentary "Beckham."

Posh and Becks is a popular nickname for the couple and also the title of their 2007 biography by Andrew Morton.

While David is known as a legendary footballer (not the one played during the Super Bowl), Victoria rose to fame as Posh Spice of the iconic girl group Spice Girls.

With a combined 119.4 million followers on Instagram alone, it is not a wonder why Uber Eats chose the power couple as endorsers.

The 30-second teaser, created by Special US and directed by Jake Szymanski, features Victoria and David getting every detail wrong in their attempt to announce their participation in a “little” commercial for the Big Game.

Victoria, wearing a shirt with the print "My Dad had a Rolls-Royce," hilariously struggles to remember during which game their commercial will air.

"It’s during the big baseball game," she says matter-of-factly. David then interrupts, setting his wife straight that it’s a “super big baseball game. They finally agree that it’s the “Hockey Bowl."

The couple then reveals that Jessica Aniston, who they both "love," will be joining them in the ad. They will actually be joined by "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston.

The teaser playfully references a viral scene from "Beckham," where David interrupts Victoria while she describes her “working class” childhood, prompting her to "be honest" that her dad used to drive a luxury car (yes, it’s a Rolls-Royce).

This scene sparked a widespread meme trend, which Uber Eats now leverages for their ad campaign. The original post by Laskie CEO Chris Bakke in October 5 has already been viewed 41.5 million times.

While the teaser leaves the full campaign concept a mystery, it hints at a lighthearted and humorous approach that capitalizes on the Beckhams' celebrity status and viral fame — as well as the fact that they’re British, the Super Bowl is an American championship game, and football in the UK means soccer in the US.

Victoria shared the teaser on her Instagram, jokingly stating, "Before I forget… #DavidBeckham and I filmed a little something for the Hockey Bowl. We can't wait for you to see it!! Oh, and Jessica Aniston is going to be in it too!! Kisses."

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