PNC Bank Unveils ‘Brilliantly Boring’ Campaign

PNC Bank Unveils ‘Brilliantly Boring’ Campaign
Published: March 18, 2024

PNC Bank launched a new brand campaign today titled "Brilliantly Boring."

In a world of flashy financial products and get-rich-quick schemes, PNC's campaign flips the script on what "boring" means in banking.

The campaign takes a humorously unique approach, centering on the idea that stability and reliability are the most important qualities customers should look for in a bank, highlighting the brand’s 160 years of service in the process.

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"In a frenetic industry that sometimes chases shiny objects, we've grown our business by focusing on the essential financial needs of customers, patiently nurturing relationships over generations and delivering results,” PNC Chairman and Chief Executive William S. Demchak said in a press release.

“We believe this 'boring' approach positions us extremely well for growth opportunities on the horizon.”

Redefining "Boring" in Banking

PNC Bank kickstarts the campaign with the release of a one-minute national TV spot titled “Boring Is Essential.”

The ad opens with Canadian actor Chris Diamantopoulos at a DMV branch saying, “You know what’s brilliant? Boring. Think about it, boring is the unsung catalyst for bold.”

This is the premise of the commercial, that any bold action or achievement is made possible by something boring.

Diamantopoulos explains this in a series of scenarios: a bold rocket launch, vacations, early retirement, and startups all happen because of something boring.

“Boring is the jumping off point of for all the unboring things we do,” Diamantopoulos says.

Diamantopoulos goes on to state that, “Taking chances is for skateboarding and gas-station sushi, not banking.”

After showing some comical scenes depicting the “Silicon Valley” star enjoying a vacation on the beach, which is made possible by “boring,” he then drives the point home.

“It’s really simple. For nearly 160 years, PNC Bank has had one goal: to be brilliantly boring with your money, so you can be happily fulfilled with your life, which is pretty unboring if you think about it.”

The spot ends with Diamantopoulos sipping coconut juice as he loungers by the beach and the message reads, “PNC Bank, brilliantly boring since 1865.”

Focusing on Traditional Banking Values

The campaign emphasizes the security and peace of mind that comes with a traditional banking experience, which may be thought of as going backward with the growing popularity of digital finance and cryptocurrency trading.

"Whether you're a first-time saver or treasurer of a large corporation, you want your bank to be a responsible steward of your money," Amanda Rosseter, chief communications and brand officer at PNC, explained.

"We wanted to create a campaign that is authentic to who we are — and emphasizes the steady approach to banking that has distinguished PNC for more than a century," she added.

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Crafted in partnership with creative agency Havas’ Arnold Worldwide, the serious and “boring” banking approach is made into a hilariously memorable ad that may just capture PNC’s target audience and widen its market.

"Our partnership has been instrumental in developing this breakthrough creative concept that will help propel our brand forward in a bold way," PNC CMO Jenn Garbach said.

"We are confident the new 'Brilliantly Boring' campaign will leave a distinct and lasting impression in the minds of consumers,” she added.

The campaign will be rolled out throughout the year across TV, digital, social media, radio, OOH, print, branch merchandise, sponsorship, and experiential marketing platforms.

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