Planet Fitness and Amazon Partner Up in the Name of Wellness

Planet Fitness and Amazon Partner Up in the Name of Wellness

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: November 11, 2022

E-commerce mogul Amazon has teamed up with Planet Fitness to put the power of fitness in the spotlight just months after announcing the termination of Amazon Care in August.

After it was determined that Amazon Care did not have the financial potential to persevere, Amazon’s deep dive into the healthcare industry has rerouted itself to fitness.

From Nov. 7 to 15, the Amazon-Planet Fitness partnership offers Planet Fitness Black Card holders the chance to win a free Amazon Halo View wellness Tracker and a year-long membership.

The wellness industry has shown great business potential, especially after the pandemic, when the importance of mental and physical health hit a new level of importance. This is something Amazon looks to take advantage of.

“Like Planet Fitness, Halo celebrates and empowers customers at every stage of their health and wellness journeys," shared Melissa Cha, Vice president of Amazon Smart Home and Health, as she elaborated on the brand values that tie the two companies together.

"We're inspired by helping customers build healthy habits that let them live better every day and, with Halo View and the PF Black Card® membership, there is no fitness goal out of reach.”

Additionally, a TikTok challenge titled #GlowUsYourMoves, in collaboration with Planet Fitness, can lead to a $500 Amazon gift card for 10 TikTok creators, motivating audiences to help bring the collaboration to life.

Utilizing a uniquely youthful social media campaign also speaks to another shift in Amazon’s strategy – targeting the Gen Z demographic.

Chris Rondeau, CEO of Amazon, noted that while Gen Z was the smallest segment of its users pre-pandemic, it is now the second largest group of its user base!

(Source: Amazon)

This demographic has also become a trusted group of customers for Planet Fitness. The High School Summer Pass, a free summer gym membership for teens in 2022, performed incredibly well and proved a great interest in the wellness movement from the Gen Z market.

Joining forces could prove to be a successful move in the making for both Amazon and Planet Fitness, two companies entwining to make the best of what the other has to offer.

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