Pitch Sports and QNB Group Dream Bigger for Qatar World Cup

Pitch Sports and QNB Group Dream Bigger for Qatar World Cup

Published: October 25, 2022

A sports advertising agency Pitch Sports and QNB Group, a Qatari multinational commercial bank, pooled their resources together to “Dream Bigger” ahead of Qatar World Cup. The ad campaign stars Neymar Jr. and Khaby Lame and is a celebration of the opportunity to host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

“And imagine: we’re winning the hearts of the whole world. Dream Bigger with QNB.” The final line of the ad sums up the pride Qatari are feeling to finally be hosting the FIFA World Cup. Pitch Sports and QNB’s ad really hammered home the excitement and hype that’s been building up in Qatar for quite some time now.

With less than a month to the official start of the Qatar World Cup on November 20, brand and creative agency pairs are upping one another in who will make the most memorable and captivating ad for this year’s cup.

The 45-second spot opens with two kids one-upping their soccer fantasies. From Khaby Lame and Neymar Jr. replaying the children’s best scores to the entire world coming down to Qatar to watch the best of the best compete, the entire spot breathes excitement and joy over the chance to host the most prestigious event in soccer.

A child’s dream slowly grows into fervent celebration in the streets of Doha, Qatar, inviting viewers to “Dream Bigger.” Their dreams have come true, as Qatar is this year’s host of the FIFA World Cup. So can yours.

QNB, the brand behind “Dream Bigger” is the Official Qatari Bank of FIFA World Cup 2022. Together with Pitch Sports, they were able to deliver this outstanding campaign and an uplifting ad that hopes to showcase that every achievement starts with a dream.

Besides one Qatar World Cup stadium that was already complete, the host has built seven additional stadiums for the matches of the cup.

Qatar World Cup tickets are on sale and are going like crazy, as soccer fans from the world over are hoping for a sense of normalcy after the lockdowns, in addition to the usual excitement surrounding the greatest soccer event.

Given the unique time of the year and the location, this year’s world cup will be a championship to remember for more than a single reason. Fans can look forward to phenomenal soccer, and even better ads this time around.

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