Pinterest Launches Action-Packed Campaign to Woo Advertisers

Pinterest Launches Action-Packed Campaign to Woo Advertisers

Published: February 22, 2024

Pinterest is turning up the heat on its advertising game with a an action-packed global campaign titled "The P is for Performance."

The initiative, aimed at attracting brands and boosting ad revenue, cleverly blends humor and action-packed storytelling to showcase the platform's effectiveness in driving results.

“Inspired by the aesthetic of iconic action movies, we wanted to tell our performance advertising story in a way only Pinterest can — with elevated style and an element of the unexpected,” Xanthe Wells, VP of global creative at Pinterest, said in a press release.

The visual discovery platform released four “minimovies” Wednesday with the central messaging that ads on Pinterest increase brand awareness and actually provide results, as encapsulated by the tagline, “High Action! Lower Funnel!"

Pinterest's tagline is voiced by Corey Burton.
Pinterest touts its high conversion rates and lower funnel in new ad campaign (Source: Pinterest)

Helmed by renowned commercial director Tim Godsall, in collaboration with Pinterest’s House of Creative, the minimovies are each infused with humor and a dash of Hollywood flair personalized in the adventures of two campy action heroines

“Pinterest is an iconic brand, and we wanted to create pop culture jewels to tell a story that turns performance marketers' heads with an unmissable, totally unique Pinterest style,” Godsall said in a press release.

Each video is introduced by Hollywood voice actor Corey Burton, who has been featured in famous movies like “Star Wars.”

The campaign strategically highlights how “marketers [are constantly] under pressure from higher expectations and lower budgets” and how Pinterest’s performance products can help them.

Mobile deep links, direct links, shopping ads and the Pinterest API for Conversions are the performance products that took center stage in each video, emphasizing how these tools simplify the user journey and boost conversion rates.

The campaign is not just about flashy visuals; it is backed by impressive numbers.

Pinterest boasts a 28% increase in conversions and a staggering 96% increase in traffic for advertisers who utilize these performance-focused tools.

Pinterest shows the effectiveness of its performance products.
Pinterest shows what advertisers can gain with its performance products (Source: Pinterest).

Additionally, “the percentage of revenue from advertisers who adopted at least three of Pinterest’s suite of performance tools increased from 2% at the beginning of 2023 to 23% by the end of the year.”

The international and multi-faceted digital marketing campaign reflects Pinterest's strategic shift towards emphasizing its value proposition as a performance-driven advertising platform.

By combining humor, action and tangible results, the campaign has a high potential in capturing the attention of advertisers seeking to connect with engaged audiences and drive real business outcomes.

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