Philips Norelco Calls You to Shave Like Adam Scott in New Spot

Philips Norelco Calls You to Shave Like Adam Scott in New Spot
News by Roberto Orosa
Published: April 02, 2024

Philips Norelco is encouraging audiences to pay closer attention to their facial hair in a new spot starring American actor and comedian Adam Scott.

In the one-minute advert, the "Parks and Recreation" star gets candid and shares his experiences with shaving growing up.

A script supervisor walks into the actor's room to ask him if he has a second to go over some lines for his next big role.

But instead of answering his question, Scott responds by asking the assistant what kind of facial hair he should have for his character.

"Because I can get any style with my Philips Norelco OneBlade," he adds. 

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The California-born actor then dives deep into his humble beginnings with facial hair, sharing that his dad never taught him how to shave and that he had actually learned from watching movies.

"Back in the '80s, all those guys running from the law, shaving real quick in a dirty mirror, I'd watch and I'd just think 'I want to shave like that guy,'" Scott reveals.

Just as the script supervisor tries to divert the topic to the scene they were supposed to rehearse, the star continues to reminisce his adolescent years.

He explains that as a teen, he had still shaved despite frequently knicking his Adam's Apple and having pimples, which led him to switch from manual razors to electric.

"Everytime I get a new role, I grab my Philips Norelco and I hone right in on what is the character's facial hair. And then, if there's time, usually I read the script," he hilariously explains to the frustrated film staff, as the spot ends. 

Helping People, One Shave At a Time

According to a press release, Philips Norelco's latest campaign elevates the brand's mission to help in the development of smart habits when it comes to shaving and grooming. 

Scott, as a known shaver and facial hair enthusiast, explained through a press release his excitement in working with the brand to "help people get their looks just right." 

"Over the years I've done my fair share of trying different looks for acting roles. 'Guy With Sideburns That Meet In The Middle As A Mustache' is a particular favorite, though my family may disagree. With Philips Norelco shavers and groomers, I get the results I want every time," he added.

Meanwhile, Philips Grooming and Beauty Marketing Director Rafael Viestel da Silva shares the company's belief that every moment in life, including the shaves, trims and grooming choices, shapes one into the person they are. 

"As long-time fans of Adam's work, we are incredibly proud to partner with him to empower people to define their unique styles with confidence, just like Adam does, starting with the facial hair tools they use in their routines to look and feel good."

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Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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