Constant Optimization Key in Performance Marketing, Expert Reveals

Constant Optimization Key in Performance Marketing, Expert Reveals

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: May 26, 2023

Effective audience engagement and reach are the basis of successful digital marketing campaigns, and performance marketing strategies are now paving the way as an effective approach to achieving both.  

Focused on constant optimization to achieve the best results, a performance marketing strategy aims to drive measurable results that directly impact a company’s bottom line.  

Lee Spungin, the VP of Growth at digital marketing agency yellowHEADhas reflected on the best performance marketing strategies in an interview with Spotlightincluding the importance of User-Generated Content.  

“The UGC style ads and content bring a real and authentic feel to the campaigns and drive higher KPIs than many standard ads,” explained Spungin.  

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YellowHEAD's VP of Growth also enunciated the importance of pinpointing the right target audience to get a performance marketing strategy on its feet, an essential way to ensure that advertisements reach the right people.  

Once the right audience is being targeted, we want to make sure they are converted into paying/ loyal users. These ads are constantly being optimized and adjusted through testing and updated based on results to achieve a maximum return,” she said. 

Through work with some of their biggest clients like Google, TikTok, and Ubisoft, yellowHEAD has had to try and test the most constructive digital marketing methods to get a clear picture of what works best today. 

“One golden rule stands tall: always be optimizing,” stated Spungin, commenting on her work for yellowHEAD. 

“Embrace a perpetual mindset of testing and experimentation, utilizing a data-driven approach to allocate your budget, make strategic platform shifts, and achieve unparalleled results,” she added. 

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