Pereira O’Dell Launches New Silverside AI Lab

Pereira O’Dell Launches New Silverside AI Lab

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 06, 2024

A new powerhouse may emerge in Silicon Valley's tech space as Silverside AI is launched to bridge the gap between tech startups and established brands.

Lead by Pereira O'Dell and Serviceplan Group, Silverside AI is poised to revolutionize marketing and advertising processes by harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies.

At the helm of this groundbreaking initiative are PJ Pereira and Andrew O'Dell, co-founders of advertising agency Pereira O'Dell, along with Rob Wrubel, a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur appointed as managing director.

Wrubel, known for his role as the original CEO of the search engine company Ask Jeeves, brings a wealth of experience and insight to Silverside AI.

"In Silicon Valley, the unique blend of creativity and technology fuels a culture of constant innovation. It's a place where engineering and creative minds naturally collide, constantly pushing the limits of what's possible," Wrubel explains.

What Is the Goal of Silverside AI?

Silverside AI aims to serve as an incubation and experimentation hub, exploring AI-powered innovations across various domains including media, data, creative and customer experience design.

The organization's strategic location in San Francisco's tech hub positions it to create unique partnerships within the burgeoning startup ecosystem.

At the heart of Silverside AI's mission is the development of new value models and capabilities for Serviceplan Americas, which includes Pereira O'Dell, Mediaplus North America and L&C NYC.

Source: Silverside AI

Silverside AI's inaugural projects, such as The Insights Machine, underscore its dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and fostering creative solutions.

The AI-powered language processing tool enables strategists to craft interactive marketing personas, leveraging brands' first-party data for precise audience targeting.

With innovative tech partners like Pactto, GoCharlie, Boomy, Bithuman and Rembrand already on board, Silverside AI is poised to lead the charge in AI-powered media and customer engagement.

"Silverside AI marks a significant milestone in our commitment to driving innovation in the advertising and marketing sector," O'Dell shared. 

"Together with our diverse and dynamic incubation program partners, we are excited to explore new frontiers and push the boundaries of AI-powered media, data, creative, and customer experience design."

Pereira: AI Is Key to Breaking Into the Industry

In an interview with DesignRush, Pereira stressed the pivotal role of AI in the creative industry. He firmly believes that AI is essential for individuals aiming to navigate the evolving landscape.

Reflecting on his own journey, Pereira shared how learning programming at a young age shaped his understanding of human and machine thinking.

"I have no question that it is the ability to learn how artificial intelligence operates and how computers learn," he said.

Pereira's endorsement of AI underscores the strategic direction of Silverside AI, highlighting its commitment to driving industry-wide transformation.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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