PepsiCo’s Flamin’ Hot Range Is Setting Snack Aisles on Fire

PepsiCo’s Flamin’ Hot Range Is Setting Snack Aisles on Fire

News by Vianca Meyer
Published: March 25, 2024

PepsiCo has just released its Flamin' Hot brand, marking a trailblazer flavor profile that has quickly grown in popularity amongst snacking couch potatoes across the world (myself included!).

This new branding initiative aims to streamline the search for potato and corn chip aficionados who are drawn to its distinctive spicy flavor that brings together 25 unique products under a single and vibrant brand.

Comin’ in Hot With a Sizzling Rebrand

PepsiCo is taking its branding effort to the next level by refreshing the packaging to resonate with the preferences of its spice-loving consumers.

The redesigned packaging features a chic black background accompanied by roaring flames, evoking the zest of the flavors within.

"The chosen color reflects the bold spirit of our fans," PepsiCo stated, ensuring that these products make quite a statement on the shelves.

Since the launch of the Flamin' Hot flavor in 1989, first created to compete with other chili-pepper offerings in regional markets, PepsiCo's fiery selection has become a top pick for snackers.

PepsiCo has stated that in 2023 alone, consumers made nearly 400 million trips to purchase Flamin' Hot products, a 31% increase YoY, highlighting a growing appreciation for tongue-scorching snacks — particularly among the youth.

Turning Up the Heat in the U.K.

PepsiCo is also making its way over to the land of tea and crumpets with its Extra Flamin’ Hot collection, adding its fresh tangy seasonings to the already popular selections of Doritos, Walkers Max, and Wotsits Crunchy.

Supported by an extensive marketing effort, this addition is set to win over spice lovers in the UK with its scorching flavors.

As the Flamin' Hot range sets new standards in the snacking industry, it’s clear that PepsiCo is dedicated to continuously adding distinct and piping flavors that set consumers’ tastebuds aflame - and we’re here for it!

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