Pepsi Returns to Super Bowl With Zero Sugar Beverage Ad

Pepsi Returns to Super Bowl With Zero Sugar Beverage Ad
News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 17, 2023

Pepsi is headed back to the Super Bowl for the first time in three years to promote its zero-sugar reformulation.

After a decade as the Super Bowl Halftime Show sponsor, Apple Music took its place with a multi-year contract. But it looks like Pepsi will be a part of the Super Bowl and NFL playoffs once again with a product-based marketing strategy.

Pepsi Zero Sugar sees a reformulation hitting the shelves, a recipe change in the sweetener claims to result in a more refreshing and smoother drink that pairs better with meals, something that could be of interest to audiences looking to get their hands on a snack while watching the Super Bowl.

While Pepsi has already released an ad titled “Zero Never Tasted So Good” promoting the new-and-improved product version, details on what their slot during the big game will look like are still unknown.

However, we know that the beverage brand is giving away a total of ten million Pepsi Zero Sugars to those who text “FREE PEPSI” during the playoffs or “FREE ZERO” during the Super Bowl.

The presentation of Pepsi’s flavor experiments during this year’s Super Bowl could prove to be one of Pepsi’s most effective strategic marketing moves.

While most brands, including Pepsi’s rival Coca-Cola, attempt to broaden their horizons and target groups with experimental beverage types and flavors, it takes more than simply a tasty product to get the ball rolling. In this case, a commercial slot at the Super Bowl may be just what it takes.

Last year’s #BetterWithPepsi advertising campaign resulted in 60% of participants admitting to the preference for Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola with their Big Mac, Whopper or Dave’s Single.

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