Pepsi's New Ads Show the Wild Side of Millennial Parents

Pepsi's New Ads Show the Wild Side of Millennial Parents

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 12, 2024

Pepsi just launched a series of new ads that show how millennial parents too can have a "wild side."

In the spot "#1 Fan," a dad gets ready for his son's football game by putting on face paint and downing a Pepsi Wild Cherry Zero Sugar in his car. 

Pumped for his son's match, he arrives at the pitch with a cooler full of Pepsi cans, before eagerly shouting in support of his son as if he were in a football stadium. 

While other parents sit back in peace, the dad remains unbothered and grabs another can of Pepsi. 

The second spot entitled "Nursery Rhymez" shows a mother hushing her child to sleep in the living room. As she takes a sip of her Pepsi Wild Cherry, she starts to sing "Get Low" by Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz.

Building off the momentum, she and her husband begin dancing to the early 2000s hip-hop song, as the baby quickly falls fast asleep. 

The two 30-second spots come as part of a wider Pepsi campaign aimed at promoting Pepsi's Wild Cherry flavor.

These ads were first revealed during the NFL Wild Card Weekend, marking the company's first national advertising campaign in three years.

Pepsi's Senior Marketing Director Jenny Danzi shared that, as a millennial herself, she knows firsthand how it feels to be nostalgic for "our younger, freer days."

"Our new 'Get Wild' campaign shows that a sweet, flavorful sip of Pepsi Wild Cherry can inspire us to inject some of that 'wild' feeling into our new realities," she added.  

The brand chose to target millennials, believing the demographic has been a key driver of the soda brand's flavored offerings. "I believe that to get to a tight human insight, it helps if you have a well-defined group," Danzi explained.

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