Pepsi Surprises Audiences With Logo Redesign

Pepsi Surprises Audiences With Logo Redesign

News by Anja PaspaljAnja Paspalj
Published: March 29, 2023

Pepsi is introducing a new logo and visual identity that marks its first update of the iconic Pepsi globe logo in 14 years. The new design will roll out across all brand touchpoints, including packaging, fleet, fashion, dining and digital marketing, beginning this fall in North America and globally next year.  

Until recently, the word “Pepsi” was placed separately from the iconic globe and presented in a lowercase font. The logo redesign moves towards Pepsi’s focus on bold and confident branding.  

Source: Pepsi

The new logo showcases “Pepsi” in a large uppercase font, placed across a white strip in the middle of the recognizable Pepsi circle. The new design has more meaning to it than meets the eye. It plays into PepsiCo’s current focus on zero-sugar beverages, with Pepsi being no exception.  

"At PepsiCo, we design our brands to tell a compelling and holistic story. Pepsi is a shining example of a brand that has consistently reinvented itself over 125 years to remain a part of pop culture and a part of people's lives," said Mauro Porcini, SVP & Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo.  

Source: Pepsi

"We designed the new brand identity to connect future generations with our brand's heritage, marrying distinction from our history with contemporary elements to signal our bold vision for what's to come," he added. 

Pepsi’s new and improved no-sugar formula debuted with a catchy ad at this year’s Super Bowl and the contemporary logo ties into this philosophy. The logo’s black font and border are reminiscent of Pepzi Zero's black can and label. 

"We couldn't be more excited to begin a new era for Pepsi, as this exciting new and modern look will drive brand distinction to show up bigger and bolder and help people find new ways to unapologetically enjoy the things they love,” said Todd Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer of Pepsi. 

Additionally, the energetic new logo helps direct consumers to Pepsi’s Pulse digital platform campaign, a key point for the brand. The logo’s design flawlessly ties into Pepsi Pulse’s visual identity, which features pulsating lines spreading outwards from the centralized logo. 

Although the contemporary design has hints of the brand’s much-loved 90s logo, how audiences will react to the Pepsi logo refresh remains to be seen. 

Source: Pepsi

The company’s rebranding honours Pepsi's rich heritage while taking a big step forward toward the future. It introduces movement and animation into the visual system, unlocking more flexibility for Pepsi to move between physical and digital spaces, from retail shelves to the metaverse. 

Pepsi's new design is part of the brand's commitment to sustainability and positive packaging. In the U.S., Pepsi has begun to convert all 20oz bottles, including Pepsi Zero Sugar, to 100% recycled PET. 

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