Peloton Turns to Inclusivity for App-First Rebrand

Peloton Turns to Inclusivity for App-First Rebrand

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: May 24, 2023

Peloton is undergoing a major transformation with its new brand marketing strategyaiming to change its image from a highly privileged exercise hardware company to an inclusive exercise brand with inviting fitness regimes. 

A new spot titled “Peloton. Anyone. Anywhere” showcases an app as one of its newly introduced focus points. The ad features a variety of people enjoying the benefits of the Peloton app, from home, at the gym, and (in some cases) with the help of Peloton equipment.  

The fitness company’s tiered app strategy includes levels at the monthly subscription price of $12.99 and $24, as well as a free membership option with limited content availability.  

The app also features a “Gym” option, allowing subscribers access to Peloton fitness regimes that can be used with the help of equipment available at any gym.  

(Source: Peloton)

The new spot seeks to remind consumers that Peloton has more to offer than the legendary (and extremely pricey) exercise bike. Market research states that only 4% of consumers are aware of Peloton even having an app. 

The exercise companyhas even refreshed its visual identity, stepping away from the recognizable black and redcolor scheme to a palette of new hues that include purple, green, pink, and a different shade of red. 

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Its redirection follows the appointment of Barry McCarthy as CEO, a former executive at Netflix and Spotify, who replaced the founder of Peloton, John Foley, in the beginning of 2022.  

However, the company will not be stepping away from its well-respected line of exercise equipment. Instead, the two strategies will develop simultaneously as the brand raises awareness of its shifting image. 

With Peloton developing its newly inclusive approach, the question remains whether a brand built upon luxury will be able to thrive when available to everyone. 

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