Peachaus Empowers Women with 'Naked Talks' Campaign

Peachaus Empowers Women with 'Naked Talks' Campaign
Published: March 06, 2024

Peachaus, the recently launched sustainable and ethical lifestyle brand, is making waves with its innovative approach to empowering women through its latest campaign, "Naked Talks."

The brand campaign, aimed at addressing the common fear of public speaking among women, has garnered attention for its unique and powerful message.

“Ever had to imagine your audience in their underwear? Now you don’t have to,” Peachaus wrote on its Instagram post.

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The "Naked Talks" campaign is launched with the release of a short film that opens with four women practicing their monologues before they go on a stage, with the embossed text:

“3 out of 4 women fear public speaking.”

The women, introduced as Bethany, Justine, Yulande, and Gemma, are each rehearsing for a stand-up routine, a motivational speech, a wedding toast, and a poetry reading, respectively.

Through the use of an all-female audience dressed only in Peachaus underwear, an environment was created where the women can feel supported and empowered to speak.

The spot ends with all four women completing their rehearsal speeches, with the audience giving them a standing ovation, as the screen reads:

“Find your comfort zone.”

Promoting Self-Confidence and Body Positivity

At the core of the "Naked Talks" campaign is the idea of providing a safe space for women to confront their anxieties and build confidence.

Created in collaboration with independent creative agency DUDE London, the campaign aims to show how the four women were allowed to showcase their courage and vulnerability in front of an audience.

The short film was shot with a production crew composed entirely of women.

The choice to have the audience of 40 women dressed in Peachaus underwear is a bold and symbolic one, reflecting the brand's commitment to celebrating women's bodies and promoting self-confidence.

“At the heart of the Peachaus Naked Talks is the real-life demonstration of people having the courage to be themselves, to be entirely comfortable in their own skin,” Peachaus Founder Gillian Ridley Whittle said on its website.

“We aimed to capture the essence of Peachaus: clothing to help women have the courage to be themselves in their everyday, every day,” she added.

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In addition to promoting body positivity and self-confidence, the campaign highlights Peachaus' commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion.

The brand's collection is made from recycled materials, including Italian lace, low-impact cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester, ensuring that every piece is stylish and eco-friendly.

Peachaus opened its first physical store in Seven Dials, London today.

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