PAWS NY Taps Klick Health for Its Short Film on Mental Health Benefits of Pets

PAWS NY Taps Klick Health for Its Short Film on Mental Health Benefits of Pets

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 14, 2023

If you're ready for a tear-jerker this weekend, look no further. PAWS NY and Klick Health launched a bittersweet animated short film, “The Bridge.” 

Produced and written by Klick Health and animated by Lightfarm Studios, the four-minute creative campaign tells the story of an abandoned dog and a depressed man, both feeling lonely and abandoned until their paths cross on the Brooklyn Bridge, ultimately saving each other’s lives.  

The unique animated style is backed by Lou Reed’s emotional hit “Perfect Day” from 1978 and is inspired by a true story. 

PAWS NY Founder and Executive Director Rachel Herman cites the post-holiday season to be particularly difficult for people with mental health issues and that pets can reduce stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness. Our goal with this film is to get people talking about the positive impact pets can have on our mental health,” she added. 

Co-writer of “The Bridge” Bernardo Romero was inspired to create the story of the animated short after losing his dog and hearing about this particular story from a passerby on the New York subway.  

“I hope The Bridge will serve as a catalyst for more life-changing encounters between pets and people, and will help PAWS NY in their fundraising efforts so they can continue ensuring these important, but often overlooked, life-saving bonds form,” Romero explained. 

The heartwarming and touching animated short highlights pets' positive effect on our mental health and hopes to support PAWS NY and its mission further. 

PAWS NY is a nonprofit organization that aims to help New York City’s most vulnerable residents and their pets by delivering programs and services through a community of partners and volunteers. 

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