Paris 2024 Kicks Off in 2023

Paris 2024 Kicks Off in 2023

News by Marge Serrano
Published: January 02, 2023

The game is on! Paris 2024 Olympic Games are scheduled to commence on July 26th to August 11th, more than a year from now, but the games have already begun.  

This year alone, the organizers have already announced and advertised several Olympic events, qualifiers, and milestones that fans wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

In fact, the Olympics have reported about 700 Paris 2024 spots will be awarded in almost all Olympic sports to NOCs and athletes from across every continent. There will also be test events, Look & Feel reveals, the unveiling of the Olympic torch relay route, and much more. 

Applications are open until January 31st this year, with over three million tickets already available in the early phase of sales, which comprises about 80% of the tickets sold to the public. Half of the tickets are priced at €50 (£43) or less, while prices for a three-session package start at €72 (£62).  

However, Olympics organizers have previously announced that tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies and “for some specific sports sessions” will not be available during this sales phase and will go on sale only sometime in May 2023.  

“These tickets will be for the opening and closing ceremonies and the premium sessions, such as the 100 meters finals in athletics and swimming, or the basketball final, for example,” Michael Aloisio, chief of staff of Paris 2024, said. 

Fans who have been selected will receive an email with a specific time slot giving them access to what the organizers call “Make Your Games Packs,” which will go on sale for 48 hours come February 15th. 

The “Make Your Games Packs” allows visitors to select up to three sessions they want to attend and purchase the tickets directly. The first four days of sales will be reserved for members of the Club Paris 2024, free to sign up. People can buy a maximum of 30 tickets across all of the sale phases. 

As the 2024 Olympics unfold, more and more fans are anticipating the live events and qualifying rounds, especially athletes that would represent their countries.  

In 2022, the Paralympics concluded, and it was indeed a great start to the upcoming Olympics season. Watch this reel to get a glimpse of Paris 2024.

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