Paramount Plus' Latest Super Bowl Is Its Craziest One Yet

Paramount Plus' Latest Super Bowl Is Its Craziest One Yet

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: February 02, 2024

Streaming giant Paramount Plus is not holding back with its latest star-studded Super Bowl ad.

Set once again in the Paramount Mountain, the two-minute commercial starts off with Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa attempting to hook a rope to the top of a cliff. 

Joined by "Star Trek" actor Patrick Stewart, American actress Drew Barrymore, "Survivor" host Jeff Probst and Arnold from "Hey! Arnold," the football star tells his group that he could make the throw if only the hook was a real football.

"What about a football-shaped head?" Stewart suggests, as the entire group turns to Arnold. 

More familiar faces join the odd ensemble: Knuckles from the "Sonic" franchise, Master Chief from "Halo," Thomas Lennon from "Reno 911," and Dora the Explorer.

Source: Paramount Plus

"Smart thinking," Knuckles comments as Barrymore rebutts, opposed to the idea of throwing a child.

Even with the entire group sans Barrymore chants "Throw him," Tagovailoa still refuses to throw Arnold over the cliff. Frustrated, Stewart takes matters to his own hands and takes off his jacket to reveal a football uniform. 

"Not built for the moment I see. Fine, I'll throw him," the 83-year-old actor says.

As he prepares to make the throw, American rock band Creed makes a surprise appearance atop one of the cliffs as they begin to play their 90s smash hit "Higher."

Source: Paramount Plus

Stewart makes the move, sending Arnold up in the air. As everyone watches in awe, Stewart and Barrymore sing modified lines of the rock song's chorus, and Lennon reveals his Creed tattoo.

Finally, Arnold couldn't hold it in anymore and also belts out revised lyrics to the popular hit. But before he could even finish the line, Arnold to smashes against the wall of the rocky cliff. Stewart's throw fell short.

Closing the spot, Stewart pitches another idea that could maybe (not) work: "Now, if there were only someone made out of pig skin." 

The entire group looks at Peppa Pig, and the spot ends. 

"Gutsy" ads are becoming the new norm for the streaming giant.

Before it released this latest Avengers-like crossover spot, Paramount Plus dropped a commercial similar to it starring Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, Optimus Prime and Scourge from the Transformers franchise, and CBS NFL Commentators Tony Romo and Jim Nants. 

The popular platform is set to stream the big game happening on February 11 with hopes of gaining new subscribers. 

Domenic DiMeglio, executive VP, CMO and head of data for Paramount Streaming, talks of the Super Bowl feature as "a huge moment, not just for Paramount+, but more broadly for Paramount streaming."

"I think we felt like we needed to raise the bar even more given that we are the streaming home of the Super Bowl.... And so really when we approached the spot for Paramount+, we were like how do we top ourselves yet again?" DiMeglio added.

Editing by Katherine 'Makkie' Maclang

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