Paramount Gets Josh Allen, Peppa Pig and Scourge for New Ad

Paramount Gets Josh Allen, Peppa Pig and Scourge for New Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 16, 2024

Paramount+, the company's premiere streaming service, has put together popular characters from its beloved franchises, as well as Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, to star in its latest action-packed ad. 

In the short 30-second spot, viewers are taken to the Paramount mountain, where Peppa Pig and Allen play football by the alps.

"Hey Peppa, go long," the football star says, as he throws the ball. 

CBS NFL Commentators Tony Romo and Jim Nants, spectate the game, complimenting Allen's "cannon for an arm."

The game heats up as Scourge from the film "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" enters the snowy field to show off his own skills. "You think that's an arm cannon? I'll show you an arm cannon," the robot says, before he aims a laser at a nearby mountain.

However, just as he was about to shoot, his laser jams, to the surprise of Tracy Wolfson, Dora the Explorer, and Optimus Prime, who are seen in the background.

"You must always warm up," Optimus exclaims.

Allen and Peppa Pig then teach the Scourge how to "warm up" by doing simple arm stretches. 

"Did you try turning it off and then turning it back on?" Peppa suggests, which Scourge does not take lightly.

The Decepticon's arm laser finally decides to work, and the giant robot blows up a mountain. 

Not long after, a referee blows her whistle at Scourge, who then declares "unsportsmanlike conduct on the Terrorcon." Scourge cries foul, as the spot closes. 

The spot marks the first of two new ads to be featured in this year's playoffs. 

Paramount+ has a history of showcasing unique crossovers in their ads under the Mountain of Entertainment campaign, previously enlisting the help of popular figures such as Sylvester Stallone. 

While it hasn't yet revealed the slate of characters in its next Super Bowl ad, fans of their shows can expect big names in light of the television service streaming the Super Bowl this year. 

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