Introducing Oreoverse With Martha Stewart and New Limited-Edition Oreo Flavor

Introducing Oreoverse With Martha Stewart and New Limited-Edition Oreo Flavor

News by Anja Paspalj
Published: January 26, 2023

Oreo is bringing together the secret formula for social media virality to launch its new limited-edition cookie flavor: a popular brand, a celebrity and the metaverse.

Dubbed “The Most OREO OREO,” the campaign features both Martha Stewart and an interactive metaverse experience, leaving audiences wondering what’s going on with these limited-edition Oreos.

“The Most OREO OREO” flavor is a play on the most classic Oreo. With the most traditional chocolate wafers, the filling is Oreo cream with mini-Oreo bits mixed in, creating a delicious cookies and cream play on the classic Oreo.

Packaging for limited-edition flavor "The Most Oreo Oreo"
(Source: Oreo)

What better way to market the limited-edition snack than to throw a celebrity cameo into the mix? That’s why Oreo partnered with Martha Stewart and her well-known gardener Ryan McCallister to get customers hyped and launch the new flavor. Besides featured campaign imagery, Stewart and McCallister will take to their social media channels to share their experiences with “The Most OREO OREO” in the metaverse.

Packaging of the limited-edition Oreo flavor comes with a scannable QR code which allows buyers to enter the Oreoverse – Oreo's virtual space in the metaverse where audiences can play games, interact and win prizes.

Martha Stewart and Ryan McCallister with VR goggles eating Oreos
(Source: Oreo)

“We love to create new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other,” said Julia Rosenbloom, Oreo’s senior brand manager, in an official statement.

Oreo’s campaign trifecta is no surprise considering they have collaborated with big celebrity names before, including none other than Lady Gaga herself. However, the move into the metaverse could further broaden the brand’s horizons and make it more appealing for a younger generation.

“The Most OREO OREO” will be available for pre-sale from next Tuesday and will hit shelves at retailers nationwide starting on January 30.

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