OPPO Band 2 Delivers a Full Range of Health-Based Features

OPPO Band 2 Delivers a Full Range of Health-Based Features

Published: January 02, 2023

Chinese electronics manufacturer OPPO, recently released the second iteration of its world-class “fitness band”. The OPPO Band 2 device features a full range of health-based functionalities that fitness enthusiasts could benefit from.

Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, simply known as OPPO, has been known to push the limits of contemporary tech and deliver innovation at scale.

The smart band offers a full set of features for an active lifestyle. Besides auto-detecting four different activity modes, it can now detect heart rate and blood oxygen levels with its new health monitoring function.

“With its comprehensive health monitoring function, the OPPO Band 2 detects heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, providing warnings if the heart rate becomes too high, with vibrations sent through the watch during irregular heartbeats,” the company stated in a press release. “This safety feature allows users to regulate their training pace and receive accurate records of their health.”

The band can detect walking, running, elliptical machine, and rowing machine activities, while also supporting 100 different workout modes. The OPPO Band 2 can also track users’ activity duration, heart rate calories burned, and some other metrics, such as tracking racket swings and strokes in tennis mode.

Besides including a myriad of other features and fitness functionalities, OPPO Band 2 succeeded, once again, in branding itself as a seamless extension of the user’s smartphone.

Apart from being a fitness device, the band also works as a smart life assistant and an extension of your mobile phone. Like its previous smart bands, OPPO Band 2 also allows users to set bedtime alarms, check the weather, set timers, and do many other useful and practical activities.

Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd, or OPPO, is a leading global technology brand dedicated to providing products that seamlessly combine art and innovative technology. Based on the brand elements of “leading, young and beautiful,” OPPO dedicates itself to letting extraordinary users enjoy the beauty and technology.

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