OpenAI ChatGPT’s Rise to Tech Stardom

OpenAI ChatGPT’s Rise to Tech Stardom

News by Marge Serrano
Published: January 04, 2023

In the last few months of 2022, ChatGPT made quite a buzz. Even with its sudden rise to fame among the tech community and the public last year, a question remains – will this AI continue to break through this year? 

ChatGPT was described by the New York Times as “quite simply, the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public.” It was developed by OpenAI, the same San Francisco AI company that launched GPT-3 and DALL-E 2, the breakthrough image generator that came out last year. 

Fans could still enjoy the service free of charge, but reports have started to circulate that ChatGPT will be monetized later this year. As over two million users are testing it out, there’s no denying its popularity will rake in a massive ROI, but as CNBC wrote, the service still goes down from time to time.  

It has already had many positive reviews from the NY Times, stating it is the world’s best AI Chat bot ever released, to The Guardian, saying it generates a human-like text. But there are still some areas for improvement before it goes live as a premium chatbot service. 

Like other artificial intelligence tools that made waves on the Internet, ChatGPT — for “generative pre-trained transformer” — landed with a splash.  

Only five days in, and “more than a million people have already signed up to test it,” according to Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s president.  

Hundreds of screenshots of ChatGPT conversations went viral on Twitter, and many of its early fans speak of it in astonished, grandiose terms, as if it were some combination of a breakthrough in software development and magic.

Now its fame continues as tech giants scramble to get their hands on the AI tool. Microsoft, for example, aims to challenge Google by integrating ChatGPT as a promising upgrade to Bing search. Thus, we’ll see more AI innovation in the near future. 

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