Ogilvy Miami to Host Brazilian Marketer Tiago Ribeiro

Ogilvy Miami to Host Brazilian Marketer Tiago Ribeiro

Published: October 13, 2022

On Wednesday, Brazilian marketer Tiago Ribeiro “Tito” held an exclusive lecture for Ogilvy Miami’s team.

It wouldn’t be the first lecture the famous Brazilian marketer gave for the New York agency’s Miami branch.

The conference, part of the Ogilvy Miami Talks series, was an opportunity to hear more about eCommerce, digital culture, social networks and web 3.0.

Ribeiro aimed to address the issues surrounding these topics, as well as share his knowledge of strategic planning, social media and digital marketing.

Ribeiro also wished to take this opportunity to discuss disruptive concepts and methodologies in connection to innovation, and explain some of the challenges of staying innovative given the current circumstances.

He was also to share his insight regarding Latin American consumers, their habits and behaviors, and help the Ogilvy Miami team better understand the demographic.

“I am very happy with the invitation and the opportunity that Luciano “Chany” D´Amelio, VP Creative Services of Ogilvy, gave me,” Ribeiro said.

“These cultural exchanges are very important and greatly help the creative process within the global and regional teams.”

In 2010, Ribeiro founded a startup focused on Big Data, new media and digital convergence, opening the doors for him to become a consultant for ZOOPPA USA, a company focusing on crowdsourcing marketing. He worked on projects for Diesel, Axe, and Coca-Cola Company, among others.

By the end of 2014, Ribeiro was the chief culture officer for Lampada Digital Solutions, responsible for the development of projects within the realm of digital culture and their promotion.

After that, his international career took off, landing him several responsible roles at big digital agencies such as Grupo Publicis Brazil, Y&R Peru, McCann Paraguay and WILD FI Uruguay.

His involvement with projects on high-profile clients enriched his portfolio even further, making him a true expert on Latin American consumers, and beyond.

Ribeiro started a personal consultancy called Projeto Renascimento during the pandemic, with a focus on digital transformation.

As for Ogilvy, the agency itself is currently going through transformations as well, especially considering the appointment of Devika Bulchandani as the new global CEO of Ogilvy.

Once Ogilvy Miami Talks releases more information on yesterday’s lecture, Spotlight will provide its loyal readership with all the pertinent details.

Keep your eyes peeled for Ribeiro’s insight, as well as other news from the world of marketing.

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