Nickelodeon Brings Back Iconic Splat in Fresh New Rebrand

Nickelodeon Brings Back Iconic Splat in Fresh New Rebrand

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: May 09, 2023

Nickelodeon is bringing back its iconic orange splat in its first official rebrand in 14 years, but with a modern twist that appeals to today's kids and families.  

While making its new logo design, the television network figured out brand elements that made it iconic.  

“We started there and revisiting those, and saying, ‘How do we bring those elements back to the core of our identity creatively?’” explained Sabrina Caluori, EVP of global kids and family marketing at Nickelodeon. 

The new look spotlights its brand name spelled out against its iconic orange splat, reminiscent of its original logo.  

Nickelodeon will dedicate the rest of the year establishing its brand identity and new look that calls back to its rich history while setting the stage for the future.  

According to Caluori, it was time for the television network to “revisit all the pieces of Nickelodeon,” as company research found that its “core DNA” still appeals to kids today. 

“We did learn that what’s fundamentally different now than when the brand was initially taking shape, is kids’ relationship to their parents and parents’ relationship to their kids,” she explained in an interview.

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The new look was first revealed in a 30-second spot as part of the company’s “Portal to Fun” campaign launched on May 8.  

In “Quartet,” a kid enters a magical portal resembling Nickelodeon’s splat, where he is welcomed by a performing barbershop quartet, praised by fish, before getting slimed. The commercial is the first of five in the Portal of Fun campaign that will roll out in the coming weeks.  

“It’s this portal to an outrageously good time... So when you see the splat, you know something incredible is going to happen,” shared Caluori. 

In the process, the children’s channel asked the agencies to utilize new brand work, represent Nick’s “energy and identity,” and take note of its top IP such as SpongeBob, Paw Patrol, Blues Clues among others. 

Caluori expressed her excitement with the ongoing campaign.   

“It’s been really exciting for me to be able to look at the brand and look at everything that we’re doing through the eyes of my kids while also ensuring that everything that we’re doing still spoke to the Nick kid inside me,” she shared. 

The company also partnered with six video production houses, including Los Angeles-based creative studio — leading the brand work. 

The rebrand was launched United States and is set to rollout internationally in the UK in July, followed by Latin America and additional markets through 2023. 

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