NGO and Ogilvy Make Powerful Message With ‘Man at Sea’ Ad

NGO and Ogilvy Make Powerful Message With ‘Man at Sea’ Ad

News by Roberto Orosa
Published: January 02, 2024

In the face of the ongoing Mediterranean migrant crisis, where thousands seek refuge but tragically lose their lives at sea, NGO Emergency and creative agency Ogilvy have teamed up to deliver an important message through their latest film, "Man at Sea."

The near two-minute film begins as a vigilant lifeguard scans the beach and spots a drowning man.

Hurriedly, the lifeguard rushes to rescue the man, while spotted by beachgoers offering commonplace excuses – "It's not up to us," "Who knows where that guy comes from," "Where would he stay," and "If they can't swim, they should stay home."

Eventually, the drowning man catches the attention of larger crowds, who continue to stop the lifeguard from saving his life. 

"We can't welcome all of them," one beachgoer proclaims as the crowd surrounds the lifeguard.

In the end, it was too late for the lifeguard to save the man's life, as the beachgoers remained indifferent and unaffected by the events. 

The short film concludes with a powerful message: "In the last ten years, in the Mediterranean, more than 28,000 migrating people have drowned in a sea of indifference. Let's not stand by and watch."

Emergency, renowned for its work in war zones, reinforces its commitment through the ship 'Life Support,' dedicated to searching and rescuing migrants navigating the Mediterranean Sea, which is known for being one of the deadliest migration routes.

The film seeks to raise awareness about the crucial role of civil navies in providing aid and emphasizes the need to combat indifference toward these humanitarian crises.

Giuseppe Mastromatteo, President & Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Italia, highlights the film's significance in breaking through the constant online content flow, urging people to genuinely pay attention.

"The Emergency film is a long tradition between Emergency and Ogilvy, bringing us to talk about the most important and universal topics in society nowadays," he shared.

In its year of operation and 14 missions, the Life Support ship has successfully rescued 1,219 men, women, children, and minors traveling alone.

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