CES 2023: Neutrogena Unveils AI 3D-Printed Beauty Gummies

CES 2023: Neutrogena Unveils AI 3D-Printed Beauty Gummies

News by Marge Serrano
Published: January 10, 2023

Neutrogena and 3D-printed supplement company Nourished introduced their AI-generated, 3D skincare gummies at the CES 2023. 

Neutrogena is again using the annual event to tease its latest product innovation: personalized supplements designed to aid skincare “from the inside out.”  

Dubbed SkinStacks, the gummies were built upon technological creations announced at the annual Las Vegas conference, such as 3D-printed sheet masks and the brand’s Skin360 app.  

Consumers can now use their mobile phones to leverage Neutrogena’s Skin360 digital face-scanning mobile application to assess their skin type, designed to help users reach their skincare goals. The app operates over 100,000 skin pixels and can analyze more than 2,000 unique facial attributes.  

With this technology, the brand collects the data to identify a nutrient “stack” and topical routine that fits skin-specific goals. After this procedure, the technology uses Nourished’s 3D printing functionality that combines seven layers of ingredients to produce a nutritious, sugar-free, vegan gummy. A 28-day supply of personalized gummies retails for $49.99. 

The new gummies could also help the beauty brand bolster its Skin360 mobile app, relaunched in 2020 to offer added science-backed information and analysis to complement its Skin360 assessment. 

Acquiring data through the app could help Neutrogena when numerous advertisers have already started experimenting on other information-gathering devices since threats of third-party use looms. 

The SkinStacks gummies were introduced at a time of year when consumers traditionally are more tuned into health ploys. However, this year marks a shift as many brands, like Nature Made vitamins listen to consumer desires for more positive messaging surrounding their wellness journey.  

Based on the data by The Benchmarking Company, “92% of consumers buying beauty products believe an inside-out approach works best when trying to reach personal beauty goals.”

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